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Featured Sub-Trade

Alston HVAC (Albert and Crew)

We have the BEST sub-trades. We are pleased to feature Alston HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning). We first came across Albert, Owner of Alston 4 years ago on a condo syndication job and were impressed with his men and their quality of workmanship. We've called upon Alston exclusively since then and have highly recommended his expertise to our clients when they require those services. And we have Albert to thank for referring the Dahlin family to us 2 years ago (their story was featured in the previous enewsletter). Many thanks Albert for thinking of us!

Albert has been in the 'tin bashing' business for 26 years, does fine work, finds satisfaction in doing a job well done, and enjoys coming up with creative solutions for his clients. Got an HVAC technical problem that the best way to describe is to say 'I'm getting a tick tick tick noise but it won't do anything'? While that's a start - it really doesn't narrow the thousand reasons that could be causing that problem. Well don't you worry - just give us a call on any type of HVAC problem or funny noises and we'll happily and we'll run you through some fact finding questions and then contact Albert on your behalf (urgently if required) and prep him using our funny mechanical jargon and advanced trouble shooting protocols that only a seasoned General Contractor and a specialized Sub-Trade could make any sense of. Next thing you know - Albert will be ringing your doorbell with the correct solution and his bag of tools. Problem solved!

We asked Albert for tips for homeowners planning renovations this Spring and for amusement - what he thinks about 'Furnace Duct Cleaning Scams'. He was kind enough to offer a few pointers that could save you thousands of dollars by avoiding these 4 common mistakes.

" (insert Albert's comments here)"

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