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Newsletter Subscription & Waiting List Form

Newsletter Subscription

Subscribe to our newsletter entitled "Exclusive Renovation Newsletter For Homeowners In The Know". Featuring customized topics matched to your interest(s) preferences as per the results from our 1 question surveys from time to time . Content is compelling and relevant with a focus on educational driven topics such as:

  • local trending renos
  • featured client story's with pictures and tips for other homeowners
  • current promotions and specials
  • 'Paul's Site Notes' - a behind the scenes look at Blackstone (from the owner's perspective)
  • 'Shop Talk' - scam alerts our sub-trades see in their respective industries
  • preferred customer pricing discounts
  • client loyalty programs and offersNewsletter Subscription & Waiting List Form

Waiting List

Please note:

We know everybody thinking of renovating is rightfully concerned with the 3 main variables of any renovation:

  1. Price
  2. Timing (how soon can we start and how long will it take)
  3. Quality

Blackstone's Maxim

We don't compete on price.

We don't compete on speed.

We don't compromise on quality.

We know this doesn't work for everyone.

We don't make exceptions.

If you would like to add your project to the waiting list you may do so now using the form below. We will contact you within (2) business days to offer you a complimentary renovation consultation on site at a scheduled time within (2) business weeks.

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