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Fix & Flip Joint Venture 1

Here are special documents for existing and new club members.

Instructions: Please click on each of the attachment file icons to view reports. Reports may not be fully viewable on small screens (example: phones and tablets) . For best reading options try full size computer monitor, or print to paper hard copy.

Investment Documents

1. Organizational Chart

Details: shows relationships between General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs).



2. Limited Partnership - DRAFT

Details: shows structural components of the investment opportunity.



3. Features Sheet

Details: shows a table of the structural components of the investment opportunity.

Sales & Marketing Documents

1. Houses Gantt Chart

Details: shows houses being turned over using 4 models dictated by number of months of physical renovations per house.



2. Yields Table

Details: shows a table of common size denominations of Limited Partners investment capital with their respective simple yields over monthly and annual terms for comparison between 3 classes of preferred LP units.



3. HaystackHouse​

Details: shows a summary of the Fix & Flip story.



4. HaystackHouse​

Details: shows Frequently Asked Questions of the Fix & Flips.



5. HaystackHouse​

Details: shows Fix & Flips disclosures.



6. Blackstone's Capital Pools

Details: shows finance views of funding structure.



7. BRI Fund - modifications Sep 14 2021

Details: shows modifications to documents living on this webpage

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